Top Sugar Daddy Cities In Australia For Seeking Arrangement Relationship

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(Posted on ) Did you know that Australia has the largest percentage of sugar daddies? The Australian sugar daddy is a rich or wealthy man. That’s because Australian men are generally more affluent than men in other countries. This owes to the nature of Australia itself ---it is the world’s most wealthy country; so it goes without saying that many Australian men are well-off!

So if you fancy yourself a great sugar baby with very pleasant personality, outstanding communication skills, sophisticated, and a wise woman, here are Australia’s top cities to meet equally sophisticated Sugar daddies.


Sydney has the largest number of millionaires in Australia. Every year, hundreds of thousands of new millionaires move to Sydney. Especially the outskirt on the Eastern side of Sydney is where you are likely to meet rich sugar daddies as they live there.

Go to cafes near major business districts because multimillionaires are very likely to go to those cafes for lunch or drinks after work.

Arguably the most vibrant of all cities in Australia, gin is a bit of theme in Sydney. While it may not have the largest number of sugar daddies as compared to places like Brisbane, its active nightlife is insane; making it more likely to meet the ideal sugar daddy there.


Melbourne probably has the largest ratio of millionaires compared to other cities in Australia. The main difference between Sydney and Melbourne is: while Sydney is the city where money and success are highly prized, Melbourne has an artistic feel with its millionaires preferring music or art. Therefore, if you want to meet multimillionaires sugar daddies, head for the art, literature and music scenery in Melbourne.

Melbourne offers some great venues for some stimulating conversations where you can meet sugar daddies including a gallery and some interesting teas events. Mystery dinners are all the rage in Melbourne, so be sure to leave the next date up to a dating expert, who sets up the event location and what you’ll be doing with a potential sugar daddy.


Brisbane is a flourishing, attractive city that has plenty of places to meet sugar daddies, especially when you use the right dating websites. Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. Owing to its financial success, this city is not short of rich sugar daddies waiting to meet you. This is arguably the best place in Australia to likely meet sugar daddies. With a ratio of an estimated 4 men per 1000 who fit the bill of a sugar daddy, it’s little wonder that more sugar babies are heading up to the Gold Coast to find them. The Brisbane scene offers a lot of things to help you meet these men. From the local comedy clubs (because laughter is a great way to break the ice after all) to the blue waters and white sand at the Gold Coast where there are plenty of little cafes to enjoy brunch and take in the engaging coastline, Brisbane has got you covered.

The great weather breaks for great-looking men, and you will certainly find plenty of Brisbane sugar daddies surfing and soaking up the sun. If you can carry a decent conversation and don’t look like you just rolled out of bed, then you might be what a Brisbane sugar daddy is looking for. So enjoy the beach in the summertime; stay active, fearless and friendly and you are sure to meet a sugar daddy.


Canberra which is located between Sydney and Melbourne is the capital of Australia and home to the elite of this country. It is a growing city and well suited for finding sugar daddies as many of the affluent, older men are moving into this quieter area that still keeps them in touch with the larger cities.

Therefore, if you are interested in dating say a politician sugar daddy, head over to Canberra.


Adelaide ranked the fifth largest city in Australia has one of the highest rates of economic growth Down Under and has been ranked as the most liveable city in Australia. So if you are looking for sugar daddies that are willing to date in style, Adelaide is the place go to place to start your search.

Adelaide has one of the most vibrant and colorful nightlife in Australia. If you are looking to be wined and dined in style, be sure to frequent the upscale establishments like the Universal Wine Bar. Frequently patronized by the connoisseurs of fine spirits, this place attracts well-heeled clients who know their whites and reds.

Maybe you are the fast-action kind of girl, head over to Sky city Casino where the loaded sugar daddies come to roll the dice and play with money.

However, if you are looking for doctors, surgeons, paramedics or other high-paid professionals of the health sector, attend social dos, fund-raising events organized by various hospitals or the healthcare industry to meet these rich single men.

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